The Gama Challenge – June 2016
Date: June 6, 2016
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The Great Gama

The Gama Challege has been modeled after the Great Gama considered Greatest ‘Pehelwan’ to ever walk on Indian soil. Legend has it that in his prime, he would do up to one thousand dand (jack-knife pushups) and baithaks (deep knee bends) in one drop. His diet included as many as six desi chickens, 10 litres of milk, up to half a litre of ghee and almonds crushed into a strength tonic. Courtesy of

Twice a year we attempt the Gama Challenge. The goal is to complete 500/1000 Dand push ups and Baithaks (hindu squats) every day for 30 days. *Please note: this routine is very strenuous and you should consult a professional before attempting this endeavor.

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to execute each exercise.

The list below comprises some Gama participants
and tracks their journey that started June 1, 2016.


Gama Athlete
Reps Completed
Reps Remaining
Scott Sanchez2775045000-17250
Brian Olson4290045000-2100
Danielle Soriano3750045000-7500
Shane Baker4050045000-4500
Hershel Patel4050045000-4500
Sterling Bowen1990045000-25100


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