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Laguna Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

Be Like Water

Laguna JKD is the Southern California, Orange County branch of the JKD Athletic Association. The mission of the organization is to preserve and perpetuate Jeet Kune Do, Functional Fitness and Philosophy. The three pillars of the JKD lifestyle.

                  Jeet Kune Do which was created by Bruce Lee was not a style. It was a process of self-discovery and constant growth. It is the goal of Laguna JKD to build a strong nation by taking the JKD philosophy and using it to help others build and create strength, courage, confidence and clarity.

                  As each individual’s strength and consciousness increases they will find themselves drawn to helping those less fortunate and in need. By focusing on one individual at a time gradually social and economic problems will lesson. Regional, national, even global morals and optimism will improve and the world will become a more harmonized global society. Jeet Kune Do is much more than a combative martial system or a supreme attribute development program. It was a way of life.

“The enduring value of studying martial art lies in it serving as a vehicle through which to express yourself and through such expression to come to understand yourself better, through progressively evolving knowledge of both your limitations and capabilities.” –Bruce Lee

JKD with Sifu Singh and Brian Olson

The three pillars of the JKD lifestyle

Our Foundation

jkd - jeet kune doJeet Kune Do

The way of the intercepting fist

action strengthAction Strength

The nucleus

mind boxingMind Boxing

Quieting the mind

Our Techniques

JKD Trapping

Jun Fan JKD Trapping with Sifu Singh

Speed, Power and Endurance

Kettelbells and swinging gadas


Changing lives
Private Training
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Semi-Private Training
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Group Training
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